Philadelphia based CONTEMPORARY ARTIST

Jesus Wept

Self portrait.

Acrylic paint on canvas.

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to find out about Jerry's background, how he got his start as an artist, the materials he uses, and what inspires his work. Also, get a seek peak into what his plans are for this Fall and 2014.


Although, my creations are ultimately my strongest vehicle of change, I find it undoubtedly necessary to have a hand in helping to change the world by impacting young people's lives.For the past few years I have assisted in instructing art class for the Mill Creek Community Partnership in addition to mentoring young men who have found their creative niche in the world but are still combating life growing up in the urban Philadelphia. 

My studies at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. and later at Saint Joseph's University (Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts) have solidified what I have know throughout my life: that my artistic purpose--my destiny--is to use my God-given talent to help better humankind. If I can move or inspire others through my art, by enhancing and deepening their vision of other, I have done what I am here to do as an artist. Currently, most of my work is acrylic on canvas. However, to put my artistic vision into form, I use whatever medium is available to me at the moment in time when I am enlightened, including, but not limited to, wood planks, paper, vinyl, Plexiglas, or dry-wall. Artists like Basquiat and Pollack influence my erratic and primitive style. My work has even been described as aggressive. 

In my works I hope to remind people of the romanticism that is life; that every is NOT as bad as it seems; that there is still hope, and that we can make a difference. It is not too late to be inspired. It is not too late to make a change. It is too late to follow your dreams...


Notable works & eXHIBITs

Art in City Hall. All That's Jazz Exhibit (Group Exhibit). Philadelphia, PA. 2015

Scribe Video Center. Landscape Renewal (Group Exhibit). Philadelphia, PA. 2015

Indigo Bleu Design & Culture Center. Our Greatness, Our Struggle (Group Exhibit). Philadelphia, PA. 2015


Wine Down Wednesday at Hotel Monaco.

Artwork featured monthly in the Stratus Lounge. Philadelphia, PA. 2013 - 2014

People's Emergency Center - Second Friday

Participant in 10 artist group show. May 2013

James Oliver Gallery 

First Friday featured artist. May 2013

A Journey of Colors 

Solo art show. October 2012