who I AM

Philadelphia based CONTEMPORARY ARTIST

Religion and art have been predominant factors in my life. Through my work, I synthesize these areas 1) to inspire the souls of humankind; 2) to remind viewers that we are made in God's image; and 3) to demonstrate that we have the power to effect change; change the world that we live in, change who we are as individuals and change people's lives. Through my work i seek to cultivate an image that expresses my deep spiritual convection; it is not meant to offend but to display the respect and humility for others that has been engrained in my head as well as in my heart. My creativity is nourished by my desire to stimulate and understand the contrast between the profane and the sacred. 

My artistic theme is a deep respect, love and appreciation for women and their form. This stems from being raised with, by and among women: a single mother in a small town in Virginia and an older sister. Through my images I attempt to convey a message that is clean and pure in stark contrast to our unclean and unpure world. 

My current expression of feminine beauty and goodness is a series consisting of a pregnant woman (entitled The Road to Zion). Each scene depicts the woman in a framed moment in time, and variations in color enhance each piece. These variations, enhanced by my purposeful brush stokes, reveal a range of human emotions felt by the woman herself -- and, in turn, the woman's portrait should evoke an emotional response in the hearts of onlookers. 

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​I am glad you are here, and I hope that you are inspired by what you see, with every piece I create, it is filled with passion and thus is an extension of myself and I am delighted that I can share myself with you. 

If there are any pieces that you would like to inquire about purchasing, please feel free to reach out to me using the contact page. 

Also, custom work is available, if you would like to see an idea transformed into a work of art, or a piece to decorate your home. It is both my pleasure and honor to share my gift with you.  

Peace & Blessings,